logan's choice (dark hollow wolf pack #3) Page 5

“Not yet.”

Logan felt the huge knot at the base of Ian’s penis nudge him. Strange, the sight of the knot hadn’t bothered him even when the voice at the back of his head whispered it was a mutation. Nothuman at all, yet he’d accepted it as just another exotic aspect of the man-wolf. For the first time, he wondered about it. What was Ian going to do? He couldn’t be thinking that huge knot of flesh would fit up inside of him. Could he? The idea made him panic a little, and he whimpered.

Immediately, Ian stoppedand kissed the side of his neck. “Don’t be scared, baby. It will hurt, but you can do this. Your body will stretch to take me. Once it’s inside, we’ll be mated forever.”

Ian’s fingers worked around Logan’s hole, massaging with the oil and pulling his cheeks apart to open him more. It hurt again. Logan squirmed and moaned.

“Sorry, honey, I know it hurts. Try your best to relax and push out as it goes in.”

He pushed the baseball sized knot at the base of his penis against Logan again, working it in and pullingLogan’s hole wider with his oiled fingers. Logan whimpered, moaned, and tried desperately to crawl away. Ian’s weight bore him face down flat on the bed effortlessly, not allowing him to move away an inch, spreading his legs wide. Pressing the knot of flesh, pulling his hole up and out, Ian forced the knot halfway in. Logan screamed with a flash of agony spearing through him when the knot popped through and his hole clenched tight, holding it in. He sucked in a breath and then moaned in pleasure from the pressure against his prostate.

A climax started, rippled, and rolled through him. Moaning, he barely felt Ian pumping hard and fast into his ass, Ian climaxing,filling his ass with cum, or Ian’s sharp fangs piercing the flesh of his neck a second time, going deeper than before. A sharp spear of pain followed by pleasure swept down his body, mingling together with the agonizing ache of his ass, the ecstasy of the pressure on his prostate, building, consuming his entire body in a huge seizure of delight. His arms flailed above his head. Ian caught his hands and held him still while he screamed.

Wave after wave of orgasm wracked every nerve, every muscle. He couldn’t breathe, and he couldn’t stop until the last ounce of pleasure had been wrung from him, leaving him weak as it faded, and gasping for breath. He lay absolutely still for all of thirty seconds, just panting for breath as Ian held him, pleasure subsiding, pain rebuilding when the pleasure of another climax started up. He screamed as it came on. Ian kissed the sides of his neck and licked at his nape as long as it lasted, speaking soothing words to him even when he went limp again.

Time moved in slow motion for what seemed hours with climax after climax ripping through him. When it faded, he was exhausted, almost incapacitated. He’d had too many to count, and had a wild thought of this being the way they were going to kill him. If it was, it was certainly a humane way to go. He would be glad to highly recommend it.

Logan turned to look over his shoulder at the man, the wolf, sprawled over his body, his cock buried in Logan’s ass, and the knot, crowding his insides with pain and pleasure. Ian’s penis was still hard inside him. Shivering, he asked, “Is it over?”

“Not quite, baby.”

The beginnings of another orgasm started, and Logan arched his back. How much longer could this last? How much more could he take? “W-will I die soon?”

Ian chuckled in his ear. “No, darlin’. I’ve got you. You belong to me now, and nothing will ever hurt you again.”

“Please, no more. Please pull out.”

“I can’t, Logan. Once I gave you my knot, there was no stopping. My gland won’t allow it until we’re finished and the swelling goes down. Not much longer now.”

An orgasm began. Once more, Logan was filled with the mindless pleasure, jerking his body until everything went black. He awoke a few minutes later, to discover he was finally free, stretched out on his back, Ian beside him. He was so relieved; he smiled at Ian with exhaustion.

Ian bit into his wrist and opened up a bloody wound.

Logan cried out in horror. “What are you doing?” He grabbed the wrist and put it to his mouth, startling Ian, who stared down at him with a strange expression on his face. Logan sucked at his wrist. He’d been taught somewhere—he couldn’t quite remember where—to suck at a werewolf’s bite and spit out the venom. Even as he lowered his head to Ian’s wrist he realized he was acting irrationally, but he only wanted to protect his mate and keep him safe. He acted on instinct, but instead of spitting it out, he found the taste incredible. He swallowed, sucking harder, not needing the encouragement of his head held still with one strong hand and the bloody wound pressed tightly to his mouth.

“Feed on my blood, baby.”

Feed? Yes, feed. The taste was indescribable. Logan gripped Ian’s arm with both hands, fastening onto it with his mouth. He couldn’t get enough. He sucked the blood in and swallowed in gulps, his eyes rolling back into his head.

“That’s right, honey. Feed on my blood. It will make you stronger, faster, even more beautiful. The more you drink, the faster you’ll change to full Werekin.”

Logan heard what he said, and a very small part of him rebelled against the idea. He tried to pull away, but Ian held his head. “Suck, Logan. This is the last step. You’re mine now. There is no going back.”

Logan wondered if he should feel bad about that, but he didn’t. He belonged. He belonged to Ian, and the idea didn’t freak him out at all. He’d wanted to belong to someone his whole life. He kept sucking. The taste was heaven in his mouth, and it was making him stronger, even stronger than the surge of strength from the first bite. He could feel strength building in him and at the same time, he could deny Ian nothing. He belonged to him body and soul, and Ian was right. There would be no going back for him. He didn’t want to go back. He loved him so much.

Sated, and too drowsy to stay awake, Logan could do no more than watch Ian tuck him under the covers. He was aware of Ian getting up and dressing, leaving Logan alone in the bed. Logan wanted to stay awake, but was dragged down by sleep, almost unconscious with the need for it, and he was hot, so hot he wanted to throw the covers off.

Ian bent over and kissed his lips. “Now, little Hunter,” he said softly. “You’re my sweet pet. Will you like that role, I wonder? I hope so, darlin’. Sleep tight.” He moved his hands caressingly over Logan’s cock, only half hard, and gave it a final pat before going to the door. “I’ll be back for you later. Stay in bed until I get back.”

Ian knocked on the a lpha’s door, smiling when Nicky swung it open. Nicky looked gorgeous, as usual. He was lean, but his body was perfect, with well-defined muscles rippling down his naked chest and arms. His face had been so downright pretty when he first came to Mountainwood,he’d sometimes been mistaken at first glance for a girl. Nicky had hated that, and over the past year, as his body changed more to Werekin, some of that prettiness had faded, leaving a strikingly handsome face. His golden-blond hair was shot through with natural platinum highlights, so pretty Marco had him keep his hair long. Ian had always greatly admired him and thought if Nickybelonged to him, he’d keep him in his bed most of the day. The idea led him to the pleasurable thoughts of his own beautiful mate. He would have Logan wear his hair long too, so he could run his hands through it. He would keep him in bed all day long anytime he chose. The idea made his crotch tighten. He tried to focus his attention more on Nicky.

Apparently, Nicky hadn’t been out of bed too long himself. His lovely hair was tousled, and his eyes were still sleepy and heavy-lidded. Ian couldn’t help glancing at his watch. It was oneo’clock.

“Come in, Ian . It’s good to see you. Marco’s over there, and if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go finish my breakfast. Marco’s being mean to me ’cause I slept a little later than usual.”

Marco rolled his eyes heavenward and called out to Ian. “I’m glad you came by, Ian. Have you had a chance to speak to the prisoner yet?”

“To Logan,” Ian corrected, not liking his mate referred to as a prisoner.“No, we’ve barely finished the bonding. But he did tell me his name, and I had to come to tell you as soon as he slept for the first time.”

“Three hours?” Marco questioned.

“His response was intense,” Ian answered blandly.

Nicky whirled around from the nearby kitchen counter. “Wait a minute!” His pretty eyes narrowed suspiciously. “Is something going on with the Hunter? Bonding?” He turned an accusing, outraged gaze to Marco. “You didn’t tell me anything!”

Marco sighed. “Nicky, please stay out of this, honey. I’m talking business here with my beta. We’ve talked about this interference of yours before.”

Nicky narrowed his eyes, the look promising retribution later for the dismissive attitude. He turned instead to Ian, giving him a sweet, flirtatious smile. His tone changed from accusatory to teasing. “Ian, you’ll tell me, won’t you? What’s going on with the Hunter—oh, you called him Logan, right?”

Ian smiled, unable to resist Nicky when he turned on the charm. “Yes, Nicky. I’ve taken him for my mate. We decided at council meeting this morning we only had a few options where he was concerned. We could either kill him or turn him. Once I saw him, I couldn’t let him be executed. I not only turned him, I mated with him.”

Nicky’s mouth fell open in shock and pleasure.“Ian, that’s so amazing. Was it love at first sight? Is he handsome?Can I meet him?”

Marco rolled his eyes.“Nicky, you sound like a teenage girl.”

Nicky narrowed his eyes and gave Marco a look that would have dropped a lesser man dead in his tracks. He turned back to Ian.“I’m only curious, Ian.”

Ian chuckled good-naturedly. “I know, Nicky, and yes, I guess so, to all of the above, but give him a chance to settle in a little first. He’s deep in heat and still reacting to the change. Once that wears off, I’m afraid he might be a bit of a handful.”