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"*Yiniang, third sister is missing!" Lan Ya hastily made her way to An yiniang, her anxious voice carried a hint of ambiguous desire.

"What? How can this be?" As soon as An yiniang's voice exclaimed this, the nearer tables of matrons and young ladies were all made aware of this matter. They couldn't help but wonder how today's banquet had so many problems arising?

"Nian'er meimei is missing? What did you do!? This junzhu warn you, if something happened to Nian'er meimei, just wait and see!" Hua Mu Qing stood up with a shout. She lived in this circle from an early age, how can she not be aware of some people's endless schemes? But she didn't expect that in such a short time they actually had plans about Nian'er meimei. If something really happened to Nian'er meimei, she will definitely not let go of Lan Ythis girl.

"Someone come. Go search. You must find Lan manor's third young miss!" An Gong Jing gave out the order, reprimanding all the servant girls and servants below. After An Gong Jing made such a scene, who on the banquet didn't know that Lan You Nian has gone missing?

Lan Jian Jun's brows furrowed. He knew that today would not go smoothly, but thought that Prime Minister An will only make things difficult for Nian'er like he did earlier. He didn't expect things will be like this. Gone missing? What these words represented, Lan Jian Jun knew clearly. Turning around, prepared to have his son help, he realized his son too was missing.

"Crap!" Feng Xia Qi thought of Lan Mo Xian who just left the banquet and knew that someone definitely schemed on Lan Mo Xian and Lan You Nian together. Lan Mo Xian's relationship with them was very good, and that Miss Lan they were wholeheartedly fond of; if these two people had an accident, Feng Xia Qi knew he could not be indifferent.

"Look at the situation first!" Jing Wu An was also aware that things were not simple. Perhaps from the moment Nian'er meimei's clothes were soiled, the trap has already been set. But he didn't expect that this trap will implicate Lan Mo Xian. Prime Minister An, indeed calculating! But no matter what happens today, they must successfully save Lan Mo Xian and Lan You Nian.

"How could something like this happen? Today is this old man's birthday, yet something like this actually happened; it is really this old man's negligence. Go find immediately!" Prime Minister An looked at Lan Jian Jun with gleaming eyes, though his lips formed anxious words but the same could not be said of his eyes.

Something like this happened, everyone had a variety of thoughts, but gradually all started searching. At this time, Lan Jian Jun was very anxious. He was not afraid of Prime Minister An impeaching him, nor afraid of the bloodiness of the battlefield, but today he was not a general, nor an official of the court; he was only a father, a restless father.

Lan Ya supported An yiniang to the room from before with smug smiles on their face. Near, near! Soon they would see the contemptuous appearance Lan Mo Xian and Lan You Nian's illicit sexual relation. Haha, how can they still have a foothold in Lan manor in the future? How can they stay in this capital in the future?

However, when they were still a dozen steps away from that room, just when the smile on Lan Ya's face couldn't be concealed, just when An yiniang was already prepared to shout the previously prepared lines, just when that old face of Prime Minister An's revealed a smug expression, a sound came from the corner.

"Big sister, I finally found you!" The girl in a white ruqun compliantly stood beside the older brother. When seeing her older sister, her eyes flashed with pleasure, as if a child, though she was only a child. She ran up to Lan Ya, "Big sister, didn't you say you didn't feel well? Why are you still running around? Older brother and I looked for you for a long time!"

Lan You Nian didn't even get to Lan Ya's side before she was grabbed by the shoulders by Lan Jian Jun who has been anxiously looking for her. Looking left, looking right, for fear his daughter suffered any injury or any grievances. Such a direct concern and real worry made Lan You Nian almost couldn't continue on acting anxious, with a slight smile that was alienated, "General Lan, this little girl is fine!"

Lan You Nian's voice wasn't loud but Lan Jian Jun heard it clearly. The hands holding Lan You Nian's shoulders trembled. Feeling the thin frail shoulders in his palms, Lan Jian Jun held back the thoughts in his heart and anxiously asked, "Ya'er said you went missing, what is going on?"

Lan Jian Jun asked the exact question everyone wanted to ask. Next to him, Hua Mu Qing prattled on as she ran to Lan You Nian's side and worriedly asked, "Nian'er meimei, what is going on? Did someone bully you?" Then looking back at the pale-faced Lan Ya she demanded, "Didn't you say Nian'er meimei was missing? What is this?"

"Mo Xian, what happened?" Feng Xia Q, seeing the two were fine, sighed in relief. Since nothing happened, then they better let some people have something to remember.

"Ming wang just left, so I took a stroll with Ming wang. I didn't expect to see Nian'er meimei lost her way. When I asked, it turns out eldest little sister was sick and left the room, leaving Nian'er meimei all alone. Nian'er meimei worried for eldest little sister's health so begged me to find a doctor to look at eldest little sister." Lan Mo Xian's words contained inexplicable mocking. Thinking back to what his little sister just told him, Lan Mo Xian felt chilled in his heart. These people actually used this method to ruin himself and his little sister, do they think the people of Lan manor were easy to bully?

When everyone heard this, they noticed the man sitting in the courtyard not far away, wasn't that Feng Yi Xuan? Everyone looked back to Lan Ya. How could they not understand?

"Uncomfortable? This junzhu didn't see any uncomfortable about eldest young miss. But someone leaving their own little sister all alone, and now toying with everyone like a monkey, this junzhu did see!" Hua Mu Qing disdainfully looked at Lan Ya. The words spoken made everyone's faces look ugly. After all, today they came to participate in the birthday banquet. Lan Zhi deliberately looked for trouble-fine, but now this Lan manor's eldest young miss, wasn't she said to be respectful and sensible? Now it seems not only was she full of lies, she deliberately deceived everyone.

Today all those who came to the birthday banquet which person wasn't someone with prestige. To be toyed with in such a way, a breath was suppressed in their hearts; everyone's expression was ugly. Lan You Nian, seeing what she wanted has been achieved, she couldn't help laughing in her heart. She actually started to consider things for Lan Jian Jun, so she wanted to frustrate the prime minister's spirit.

"This Lan manor's eldest miss is too insensible!" A noble matron standing in the crowd said with dissatisfaction. Normally she was respected by the juniors. When was there a time when even a girl who wasn't even the legitimate daughter dared to toy with her?

"Really don't know how this An yiniang teaches children. You see, today the two daughters don't know their place!" The noble matron next to her agreed. Originally, she looked down on An yiniang's identity as a yiniang but she still put on airs in the capital.

"But look at the legitimate daughter. Legitimate will be legitimate. You see Lan manor's third miss, although she is disfigured, the surrounding aura is incomparable by others," there was also a noble matron looking at Lan You Nian in appreciation.

"Lan Ya, you tell me what is going on here?" Unlike the anxious concern towards Lan You Nian, Lan Jian Jun's attitude towards Lan Ya was much chillingly hardened, there was no trace of loving benevolence of a father. Lan You Nian looked at such a Lan Jian Jun, then carefully studied Lan Ya and Lan Yin following behind; her eyes flashed.

"Father, I…I.." Lan Ya didn't know how to explain. Clearly everything was planned out, moreover, Lan You Nian stayed in that room for so long, how could nothing has happened? That aphrodisiac was so overbearing, how could nothing has happened? Moreover, how did Lan You Nian come out? Could it be that Lan Mo Xian who went in later saved Lan You Nian? Then have they…

"How can you be okay?" Lan Ya with dazed thoughts actually blurted out the thoughts in her heart. It was too late when she finally reacted.

"Pa!" Hua Mu Qing stalked over and gave Lan Ya a slap. This slap can be said to be very powerful.  Lan Ya's cheeks became swollen quickly. Lan Ya pointed at Hua Mu Qing, but Hua Mu Qing's with her arrogance didn't take her seriously.

"Eldest miss Lan is really good-hearted. Are you cursing Nian'er meimei? Or is it you wanted to do something today?" Hua Mu Qing's temper was not good in the first place, but she was never like this usually. That's because those who suffered were not her own friends, but she Hua Mu Qing was someone who valued friendship. If someone dared to touch her own friends, she will not forgive them!

"Junzhu is hurting people without restraint; it is really too arrogant! This is prime minister manor, not junzhu manor!" An Gong Jing seeing his niece being hit, he felt he lost face. His own father couldn't say anything, only he could say a few words.

"Eldest miss Lan does not give any regard to seriousness of the matter. Being slapped by junzhu is deserved. After all, we today came to celebrate Prime Minister An's birthday, not to be clowns!" Jing Wu An spoke out to help Hua Mu Qing. The several people were playmates who played together since little.

"Enough, this is the end of this matter. Today is Prime Minister An's birthday, don't let your moods be ruined by this," Feng Xia Qi with gentle smile stood up to solve the problem. The fact was that he just received a look from his own family's younger brother to have him to lead the people to another place, "Since Nian'er meimei is alright, everyone should go back to continue to eat!"

Feng Yi Xuan slowly walked out of the pavilion. He once again heard the words Nian'er meimei, his heart felt a burst of uncomfortableness. When did his own brother want a little sister? Why didn't he know?

When everyone heard what fourth wangye suggested, and second wangye also seconded it, all with fake smiles prepared to go back. In their hearts they praised fourth wangye's broad breadth of mind and uncommon bearing. After all, something like this happened yet fourth wangye helped speak for others, indeed it was the capital's most gentle fourth wangye. But recalling fourth wangye's two words of meimei it was also a burst of horror. This Lan manor's third miss really has gotten quite the luck. Not only a junzhu called her little sister, later Heir Jing was the same, now even fourth wangye considered her as a little sister, then later, will it be Ming wang?

Lan You Nian looked at Feng Xia Qi, in her heart felt more and more her first impression was correct, wasn't this a shrewd fox?

The way back wasn't the same one, but because there was fourth wangye and Ming wangye in the front, the people behind all very consciously followed. After all, the road to the banquet was the same. Who knew that this was all purposefully devised by Lan You Nian? If she placed the two people in her room, no matter what she said, she will be suspected. But if it was her (Lan Zhi) room, moreover with it being unwittingly discovered then it will definitely be a brilliant performance!

Prime Minister An inadvertently saw the secretive smile that flashed through Lan You Nian's eyes on top of the veil. He didn't know why but there was a feeling of something was going to happen.

Along the way, many people deliberately made small talk as they headed towards the hall, but just as they passed a room, a flirtatious and sweet feminine voice and a low-pitched masculine voice made everyone freeze. What was up with today? Was there not enough excitement already?


junzhu-second rank princess

wangye/wang-first rank prince

*Even though An yiniang is the biological mother, she is still just a concubine, not the legitimate wife so her children can only call her yiniang, at least in public.  Only the legitimate wife is called Mother even by the children of concubines.

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