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As the troll army lost their King — their overpowered patron that was a Dark General — they’d also lost their cohesion, and were routed by the army of Torrann Empire.

But they were trolls. Monsters said to have skulls as thick as the size of their brains. In just scant moments, they’d even forgotten the loss of their King. They got a few Troll Generals to be their new bosses and continued rampaging throughout the local region.

In the end, Torrann Empire, having lost their Sapling and their emperor, could neither continue fighting, nor could they deal with the chaos. The country was trampled under troll feet.

Well, if they had that Gold guy, they’d probably be able to hold on for a while.


“Welcome back, Panda.”

He seemed tired after his trip. He didn’t climb on my shoulder, instead clinging behind my waist together with Blobsy. Panda did good work provoking and luring the Troll King, while Blobsy did her part too. I’d give them treats later.

Due to the rampaging troll remnants, the surrounding small countries had found themselves in quite the crisis. If only I could actually come for their Saplings…

I mean, there were tens of thousands of watcher drones flying toward those countries right now. The drones monitoring the Troll King must have seen me when I crushed him. The drones were transparent, but if I squinted, I could see them swarming like locusts.

I’d managed to deal with the Saplings of Torrann Empire and the Republic of Savanhuit, two large countries. I supposed that’s pretty good for the time being.

Anyway, the Troll King might have looked like an easy kill, but really, I was just a hard counter for him.

The Troll King had 36000 combat power. Thanks to Gold’s efforts, the monster’s magic points had been ground down by quite a bit. Even so, I probably wouldn’t win so easily if I fought him head-on.

It was the Troll King’s high-speed regeneration that had given me such a simple win.

.The Troll King probably had more powerful regeneration than normal trolls. And with the pea he had for a brain, he’d never fought with his defense in mind. He cared nothing for his wounds as long as they didn’t kill him. With just a peek, I already saw hundreds of thousands of nearly-fatal wounds in his past.

I just needed to use [Causality Alteration] on some ten-odd locations among them, turning them into the worst outcome possible, and that was enough to transform the Troll King into a lump of meat.

I had acted casual, but honestly, just that single attack of mine had already taken around ten thousand of my magic. If the Troll King had survived that, I’d have had a bit of trouble on my hand.

One of those nearly-fatal wounds had been dealt by that Gold guy. Must be karma. Maybe he was one of the Heroes?

So anyway, that was how I finished him off. It’d been a long time since I gained experience from a monster.

[Shedy] [Race: Bunny Girl] [Archdemon Lv. 14] ・The rabbit demon of Laplace. Trickster and guide of man’s fate. [Magic Points: 71,000/71,000] 15,000↑ [Total Combat Power: 78,100/78,100] 16,500↑ [Unique Skill: ]  [Racial Skill: ] [Simple Identification] [Human Form (Wonderful)] [Subspace Inventory] [Dark Lady]

With this much power, I probably wouldn’t lose to most opponents. But there were still three Heroes, several remaining large human countries, and even interference from Earth to worry about.

I was fighting to fulfill the contract with the World Tree. To take revenge against the corporation, and to avenge my comrades who had been in the same boat as me, whose faces I had never seen.

But I had another reason to fight.

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