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Chapter 34 – “The skill of a craftsman sure shines, huh. I’ve said it twice now!”

Now then, shall I try my best as well, today!

Today I’m planning on making the Otherworld version of “nikujaga”. The ingredients I’m using are ork meat and few buttered potatoes, as well as salt, mirin and sugar etc. for the flavouring.
First I’ll be chopping boned ribs into strips of a few centimetres. After that I’ll put oil into the saucepan and add in the meat together with bite-sized pieces of buttered potato. After that I’ll add the seasoning, simmer it on medium heat, and then when the colour of the meat starts to change, it’s done.

Hm♪ Hm♪ Around now, I guess?

I opened the lid to have a look inside when I suddenly heard Timu and Pervert(Nielsen)’s voices.



“What isss it, you two? Did you spot a new type of dragon or something?”

“No, it is not a report of that sort.”

“Then what?”

“Milady. The reorganisation of the Household Guard has been completed, and on this occasion we humbly inquire the Evil God Army’s strategy from this moment on.”

“I eagerly await your orders, Oneesama, as do all members of the Household Guard, Nielsen included.”

Is what Timu and Pervert(Nielsen) suddenly said. In the past they did say stuff like “reorganising the Household guard” or “we would like you to come for an inspection”, so apparently Timu and the others are inviting me to play Evil God Army. After what I said during tea time the other day, they probably thought I was one of them. Well it’s true that in my past life I was a chuunibyou, after all. I’m healed now though.

Only, if I’m being too negative about their hobby, they’ll just go against me. I was like that too, so I understand. I guess I don’t have any option except to play along for now, and warn them indirectly.

Alright. Now that that’s decided, shall I play the part of Generalissimo too!?

Let’s see, let’s see. What should we do first. Pervert(Nielsen) said that he wanted to hear the battle plans, but right now I don’t know about this pretend Demon King Army. Mm~mm, maybe for now I’ll allocate them positions or something.

“Well then, Timu, I appoint you Viceroy of the Evil God Army. From now on, you are to decide on the direction of the army yourself.”

“Understood. I am joyed at being appointed such an important task. I shall strive to meet your expectations with my life.”

Timu’s eyes sparkled in excitement.

With her life? …Well, it’s natural that a chuunibyou would get excited after you tell them something like that. I might have gone a bit too far with the Viceroy thing. But, well, look at how happy she is. Let’s just take this as a good thing.

“Niel, you’ll be Household Guard Captain, just like before, okay?”

“Yes Milady. I shall fulfil this role with my life.”

Pervert(Nielsen)’s eyes sparkled as well. Mn. Just as expected.

“Also, while we’re at it, shall we copy the Demon King Army and create a Six Demon Generals group as well? Is there anybody suitable for being a general in Timu’s Praetorian Guard?”

“Oneesama, it is not my Household Guard, but yours.”

“Aah, right. And so, was there anybody talented amongst the people you play with? Uummm, I know Bel, but…”

“Belnandes is talented as an intelligence operative, but he does not have the calibre to lead an army.”

So explained Pervert(Nielsen).

Hmmmm, I see…

But if Pervert(Nielsen) is the only one with a role, the others are going to get dissatisfied, you know. People need to take turns for stuff like that.

Speaking of which, how have they been deciding the roles thus far?

Scissors-Paper-Rock? Or did Timu appoint them?

Well, Scissors-Paper-Rock or Eenie Minie Moe is all good I guess. When in Rome, do as the Romans. I’ll follow their rules.

“Right. Then Timu, you’ll be both the Viceroy and a General. I’ll find somebody talented before long.”

“Understood. Please leave it to me. I shall crush all of your enemies, Oneesama!”

Looks like Timu’s having a lot of fun.

She was particularly ecstatic when I told her about the Viceroy thing. She started having a great time, asking Pervert(Nielsen) stuff like “How are our forces in the Capital?” and “How goes the preparations against the Demon King Army?”. I even ended up hearing crazy stuff like “We shall eradicate them along with the village!”.

Timu, you’re getting a bit too into it, you know. I’ll be troubled if you start asking stuff like “When shall we attack the Capital?”.

But you know, sorry about this, but I have my cooking training, so I can’t always be playing with you. As her older sister, I’d better find her some suitable playmates, right?

Hm~mm, who else seems suitable…

Dad and Mum have the shop, so I can’t ask the impossible.

So I guess it has to be Loser(Bizef) after all, huh.

Well, he has his job, but it’s not like he’s any use at it. As long as he’s useless as a town guard, he’s as good as playing. Then I want him to at least bond with the townsfolk.

As I was thinking that,


Oh! Speak of the devil.

“Hello, Bizef-san! What brings you, today?”

“Another present, Tilea-chan.”


In Loser(Bizef)’s hands was a box with a ribbon neatly wrapped around it. It really looks like a present.

Oi, oi, he’s completely turned into one of those guys that keeps giving a girl presents. Is this because I was overly happy that time with the maid outfit?

Honestly, enough. I won’t be able to sleep well if he forces himself into bankruptcy.

“Bizef-san, you don’t have to force yourself. You’ve already thanked me enough.”

“Yeah, but you know, the clothing this time is special made. You’ll definitely like it.”

Special made? …Is this guy really okay?

It isn’t just repairs for his rare equipment, but also three pairs of order made clothes, you know. I would think that it would be quite an expenditure, but…

“Bizef-san, it really has been plenty.”

“Well I can’t give it back now, and it would make me happiest for you to have it. So take it, okay?”

Hmm. If he can’t return it, then would it just go to waste?

“I understand. Bizef-san, thank you very much. I shall accept it then.”

I accepted the box from Loser(Bizef).

Inside was…

Black lace. Frills on a western style dress. Commonly known as “goth loli”.

Oohh! Oh my goodness! The skill of a craftsman sure shines, huh.

Heh. This makes it the second time I’ve said it. The second time I’ve been made to say it. What a magnificent piece of art.

Damned Loser(Bizef). Not bad. You clearly remembered all the plans I talked about when I asked you for the maid clothing, didn’t you. Even the fine details have been reproduced.

“I’m happy that you like it. It makes the fortune I spent worthwhile.”

“Fortune… Just how much did this cost?”

“Hmm~ About three million gold I guess?”

“Th-, Three million!? B-, Bizef-san, are you okay spending so much?”

“Well, I’ll make do somehow. I borrowed a little from somewhere a bit dangerous, but as long as I repay them before the deadline it won’t be an issue.”

U-, Ummm~ Isn’t that pretty bad? It’s one of those illegal loans, right?

Uu, although he did it on his own accord, since I know it was for my sake my heart hurts.

Just as the guilt was rising up inside me, Pervert(Nielsen) joined our conversation.

“Why if it isn’t Garbage! I see. So you have brought tribute to Tilea-sama. Although you are garbage, your attitude is admirable. I shall praise you on behalf of Tilea-sama.”

“You again, huh! I thought about forgiving you since you were a pitiful crazy, but it looks like we’ll have to settle this between us, huh.”

“You speak beyond the place of garbage. I do not mind settling it right here. The dread――”

“Nielsen, will you not stop! Have you forgotten Oneesama’s teachings! She has already warned us. That she would not excuse any actions that would impede her strategy.”

“M-, My deepest apologies.”

Hearing Timu’s sharp words, Pervert(Nielsen) dropped into a dogeza. Pervert(Nielsen)’s special skill of repeatedly apologising with his forehead against the ground was already enough to be his special skill.

“Haha, what the hell? Honestly, as a grown adult, you sure have interesting games.”

Honestly, it’s exactly as he says. This is playing “Master and Servant” you know. Seeing a grown adult dogeza to a child really is too surreal, isn’t it. Although I’ve already grown used to it…

“But still, hasn’t Timu’s atmosphere changed quite a bit?”

“Aah, don’t mind that. Timu is in her rebellious phase.”

“Really? Hm~ Timu-chan, don’t trouble your sister too much.”

“I-, I need not be told that by YOUUU――! I, trouble Oneesama, you say? Bastarddd, what disgrace to receive from a human――”

“Hush, hush. Calm down, Timu. Have you already forgotten your promise with your Oneechan?”

“M-, My deepest apologies. I-, I have once again let you down, Oneesama.”

“There, there. It’s okay. You’re a good girl, Timu. I haven’t been disappointed.”

I rubbed Timu on the head.

“Sorry, Bizef-san. Since Timu’s like this, for today you should…”

“G-, Got it. Timu-chan, I’m sorry. Well then, I’ll be leaving this with you.”

Saying that, Loser(Bizef) immediately left. I’m a bit worried about him since he even took out a loan, but he’s an adult too. He said it would be fine, so I’m sure it will be. Anyway, he did go to such lengths to give me this present. I’d better make the best of it. Now then, shall the goth loli outfit make its debut? I spoke to Timu in my arms.

“Timu, won’t you change into this for me?”


Timu took the goth loli outfit and began to stare hard at it. Since it’s something different, she’s probably quite curious.

“Oohh! What a nostalgic outfit!”

“Eh!? Timu, you’ve worn something like this before?”

As far as I can remember, we’ve never had an outfit like this before, but…

“It is quite similar to the outfit I wore in my childhood.”

“Eh? Eh? Eh?”

“As you would expect, once I passed a thousand years old I stopped wearing it, but… based on my current body, this would certainly be a perfect fit, wouldn’t it.”

Aah, I see. So she’s talking about Demon Camilla. Mn, it’s true that this outfit fits with the image of stuff you’d imagine demons and vampires to wear. Timu, you’ve got quite the imagination, don’t you.

“I see. Then how about putting it on for the first time in a while?”

“Yes. If that is your wish, Oneesama…”

Timu took the goth loli outfit and went to change.

After waiting for a few minutes…

Timu appeared before me in goth loli.

“Fuoahhh. It fits you. It super fits you.”

Just as expected. No, this destructive power is even GREATER than expected!

Goth loli really does suit Timu.

“I see. If you think so, then I shall make this my family heirloom, Oneesama.”

“Yes, yes, please do. How about changing your hairstyle while you’re at it?”

I gave Timu twintails.

How about it! The goth loli twintail Timu is super lovely!
She’s like a princess from somewhere. You’re firing up my twintail-loving heart.


“Ehehe, you’re so cute, Timu.”

“O-, Oneesama. Your eyes have become scary again.”

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