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With Marin-sensei’s help, I managed to get past a term-end exam. I don’t think I did well, though. That’s why I decided I would enroll for summer cram school.

I’ve decided that if I like the cram school I’ll continue doing it in Term 2 as well. So please, anything but the remedials again…

The day of the last exam. It finished in the morning so I went home and got changed. Today I had somewhere to be.

It’s actually a small hobby of mine, stamp collecting. It’s fun keeping some of the cute ones. I don’t have anybody to send letters to, though.

There was also this Rococo Queen one. Naturally I bought some. I think you’re meant to use multiple stamps or something so I bought extras just in case. Not that I have anywhere to send anything right now.

I hope I’ll get to use them though. Aoi-chan would probably accept it with a smile. Maybe I’ll send her something then~

I was wearing something more casual than most of my other outfits, a feminine dress with a ribbon below the chest. There was somewhere else I wanted to go today, so it wouldn’t do to look too much like an ojousama.

Geez, I’m so hungry. What should I have~

The soba place was in a mall building. Looking at the menu I found myself at a loss. Sansai vegetable soba would be good, but then chilled soba sounded appetising too. Aah, but it has to be tempura soba in the end!

It came with two prawns, and was delicious. I’m glad I picked this. It had plenty of spring onion too, which is good for the blood, right?
Actually it was so delicious that I ended up draining the broth dry. Mn, so satisfied!

After relaxing a bit, I headed to the post office, a large one nearby.

These animal stamps are pretty nice, but I like these traditional art-themed ones too~ Maybe I’ll get a few of these Japanese Waka poem stamps.

Happily making my way back to counter, I discovered that there was still quite a while until it was my turn. It was packed so there probably wasn’t anywhere to sit either.

Just as I was thinking that, some salaryman gave me his seat.

I thanked him with a smile and took a seat.

Not that I wasn’t still feeling a bit ill from all the tempura soba I ate. I mean, I drank all the broth too.
As I rubbed my tummy unconsciously, the lady next to me asked,

“How many months?”

Months? What months?

“You look around 5 months, I’d guess? I hope you give birth to a healthy child.”

… … … …Eh?

Don’t tell me… Don’t tell me I’ve been mistaken for a pregnant woman!?

I’m not! It’s just because my stomach is full!

“…I’m… not pregnant…”


“There’s no baby in there…”

I tensed my muscles and pulled in my stomach as far as possible. Which wasn’t far, mind.

“Oh, oh goodness, I’m sorry,” she said, looking incredibly awkward as she found somewhere else to sit.

Gasp! Don’t tell me!

You too!?
So he gave me my seat because he thought I was pregnant!?

Holy hell…
Apparently I became pregnant without realising. I’ll bet some archangel will descend to announce my pregnancy at any moment now. Son of the God of the Fat Country, please hurry up and be born. If not I’ll be stuck with this belly forever.

…Haha. I really need to stop escaping reality. I was just getting fat.

Could it be that I’m aging? Do I look old enough to be happily pregnant already?

Wow, these lights are kind of dazzling. So dazzling that my eyes are tearing up…
And it still wasn’t my turn at the counter yet──

After trying not to cry as I made my way home, I shut myself in my room and transformed into a hula-hooping devil.
Then I did sit-ups and crunches too. I noticed that I was less fit now.

Starting from the next day my lunches were going to be basically salad. I told the girls at school,

“The heat has been a bit much so my appetite has been dwindling…”

Although they replied with stuff like “Get better soon,” I’ll bet they all realised…

People keep recommending this or that but I could only reject them with an excuse about my appetite.

While that was happening, Enjou who happened to pass by suddenly smiled and said,

“Do your best,” before leaving.

He noticed too? Don’t say needless things! You’re making me even hungrier.

When I texted Sakura-chan my grievances, she suddenly replied,

“Zazen meditation, and waterfall training. Which do you want?”

Apparently she thought I ought to fix my weak will first. Not that she didn’t have a point. I’m honestly one of those people who are harsh on others but easy on myself.

By the way, Sakura-chan, I’ll probably fall asleep if I keep my eyes shut for more than three minutes but is that okay?

Apparently my entire summer break was going to be dedicated to training and losing weight.
Is my third eye finally going to open!?

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