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School began again, and the results for the term-end exams were back. Students who did particularly had their results posted up, and in the midst of all the scholarship students (Wakaba-chan included) were those two, as well as Fellow Stalking Horse again. They really were amazing~

Thanks to all of these guys, the rest of us Suiran kids could save face. Thank you, thank you.

Not long after, it was time to elect the new Student Council President and Vice-President. It was a little lonely when I realised it was finally time for Tomoe-senpai to step down.

Despite it being officially an election, there weren’t really many candidates and the majority were previous members of the Student Council. Because of that there wasn’t much excitement.

The new StuCo President didn’t have Tomoe-senpai’s charisma but he was a good enough leader amongst the second years. As for the Vice President, it was a diligent-looking senpai in glasses. Usually you’d expect the Vice President to be a scheming four-eyes, but this one seemed like the earnest sort.
Finally, Fellow Stalking Horse did as Tomoe-senpai suggested last term, and entered the StuCo as a 1st Year.

“Okay everybody! We are now choosing the participants for the Athletics Carnival!”

It was the next big event after the StuCo elections. I felt a bit sympathetic for how busy the new StuCo members would be, but they had veterans to help them so I hoped that would be enough.
This athletics carnival was going to be the first experience of the sort since I had become a high schooler. I was a little nervous too. I had to be careful not to make an idiot out of myself. Thankfully nobody in my class seemed to be too hung up over victory, so at least I wouldn’t be hounded for a mistake.

“Next is the baton relay,” I announced.

Satomi-kun was the first to volunteer for it, with others following behind him. We all had to participate in at least one event, so there was a lot of demand for the easy ones. I was going for the ball-toss as always.

“Next is the cavalry battle.”

Suddenly all the males looked grim. Thankfully, however, the legendary Emperor Kaburagi had already announced his retirement from the cavalry battles. It probably wouldn’t be the bloodbath it was in middle school.

“Well, if the Emperor isn’t participating…”

Eventually some of the more athletic boys started discussing the idea with some enthusiasm. Among the topics discussed were who were going to be the riders, and who the strong enemies from other classes would be.

“Mizusaki is definitely gunna participate.”

“He’s strong. Remember last year? He squared off against Emperor at the end.”

“Satomi! You join too!”

“Hmmm. I’ll think about it.”

The boys seemed really excited now. This school really was filled with cavalry battle maniacs.
Anyway, eventually we managed to get our ‘elite cavalry squad’ picked out, so it was onto the next event again.

“Next up is a dance available to all grades. This year, participating students are to be performing the quadrille,” I read.

For some reason a number of them looked up at me and then suddenly averted their eyes. Eh? What?
Anyhow, the dance event was included for the less athletically inclined so it wasn’t surprising that I immediately got volunteers. But the quadrille was supposed to get faster near the end. Were these guys going to be okay?

One of the boys falteringly raised a hand and asked,

“Umm… Kisshouin-san, you won’t be participating in the dance?”

“No. I plan on competing in the ball toss.”

“…I see.”

He looked a bit disappointed. Eh, why did he look so let down. Huh? Some of the other boys looked the same way. How come?

Well, with my upbringing I wasn’t totally unfamiliar with dancing after all.
I wouldn’t be totally surprised if somebody asked me to dance.

…Maybe it was finally my time to be popular.

I signed up for the three-legged race as well. That’s why I was here to train with my partner, Ikoma-san.

“I’ll give it my everything to avoid letting you down, Reika-sama!”

“Please take care of me.”

Thus we began running around the yard, calling out a rhythm. It was more important to avoid falling than to go fast in this event, so the key was a lot of practice and synchronisation.

Tsuruhana-san was confident in her abilities, so she was amongst the ones running right now. She was as fast as you’d expect. Some other Outers weren’t bad either, so they were competing against each other. Gee, I wish I could run that fast.

In lieu of the cavalry battle, Kaburagi was going to join the relay and the sprints this year. The guy was staggeringly fast. Just before the goals though, Enjou pulled out ahead.

“Shuusuke! One more!”


“C’mon! Again!”

Enjou went along without a break. It was hard work being a friend to somebody stupidly passionate about athletics carnivals.
I got off my break, and then the two of us began practising again.

My legs were exhausted from all the practice.
I was walking down the hallway, complaining to my friends about it, when suddenly Katsuragi “Bird-Brain” Birdboy came sauntering down the other way.

“Ah! The Violent Woman!”

“Goodness, why if it isn’t Bird-Brain-kun. What might a middle schooler be doing in the high school section?”

“None of your fucking business!”

“Oh, I see.”

“How dare you talk to Reika-sama that way!”

Birdboy was being outrageous as always.

“Reika-sama, what do you mean by ‘bird-brain’?”

“It is his nickname, of course. I bestowed it.”

“My! It fits him perfectly!”

‘Hohoho!’ laughed my followers.

Birdboy turned bright red.

“Shut up! You’re just a-! You’re just a girl with oversized screws attached to your head!”


Aah… I was feeling faint…


“Reika-sama, get a hold of yourself!”

Screws… Reika, the Rococo Screw-Head…

“Just how rude can you be! Reika-sama’s hair isn’t that curly!”

“Yeah! Damn you, Birdbrain!”

“…Calm yourselves, everyone.”

I was probably just shocked because nobody had insulted my hair to my face before.

“The boy is simple. Pay no heed to his words. I certainly do not.”

“As expected of Reika-sama. You’re so big-hearted.”


I left that idiot behind and continued on my way. The idiot continued to scream from behind me though.

…I swore that one day I would definitely have my revenge.

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